iSafe Reflection

I have begun participating in the iSafe certification modules and have found myself feeling very unsettled thinking about all that we must do as educators to inform and protect children online. I have these feelings as I am a teacher and a parent.

I had to think about my role as a parent and what I needed to do to teach my own children about using the computer and devices appropriately and safely. There is so much to teach them. Watching the videos brought up a fear within me but also thinking about how these videos and information have some dated information and technology within them. This got me thinking about what is out there that I don’t know about or know how to use that could be used by my own children or by students and that could be dangerous. It is one thing to be able to use the lessons and videos with students but with some of the outdated technology (i.e. MySpace and IM) I think it will miss some of the older students.

The younger grades lessons and videos are relevant and will be a huge asset to have the knowledge of and access too. It is something I want to bring to my district to invest in as I am pretty sure that we don’t have access already. It is perfect to have these lessons to choose from in order to teach the necessary skills to be safe online from kindergarten up. I could definitely use these lessons this year as a part of my library lessons.

Not only did these modules have useful information about keeping kids safe with online communication but it also helped me understand things a little clearer myself around firewalls and unknown emails with attachments. I always felt a little iffy around receiving an email, even one that looked like it was a real one from a company or bank and realizing what to do when you get an email like that. This information is not only practical and important for students to know, but also as an adult. I will be continuing my module learning tomorrow but felt the need to reflect on where I was within this learning here.


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