Corkulous Pro- A Way for Readers to Collect and Connect Thinking


Corkulous Pro is the paid version of this very cool app. It costs $4.99 for each download and works on my iPhone and iPad. I would like to think that a lot of people like cork boards- I think we all had them in our college dorm rooms and most likely in our classrooms. I love putting up pictures, reminders, movie tickets, etc. up on cork boards and it is fun to be able to move them around, remove items and post new items as needed so, this app was certainly going to be one that I loved.

I do have to say that using Corkulous on my iPhone is certainly feasible, but it would be best on an iPad. One cool feature of Corkulous is that it allows the user to zoom in and out to get a closer look or to get the whole board look. And who doesn’t love supplies like sticky notes in various colors, labels, index cards, and sticky note flags? And having an endless supply of these items? I know, I love it too! There is the capability to display pictures from your collection or take a new picture, so if you are creating an idea board and you like something and want to add it, you can! If you need to make a to-do list, there is the capability to add a checklist label that when complete, you can click on and it will check the box! The sticky notes conform to the size you need- smaller for smaller notes, bigger for longer notes. You don’t have to go searching through your black-hole-of-a-bag to find the various colors and sizes. A card catalog looking drawer can pull out and you can find what you need- no sweat!

I am a very hands on type of person- I like to be able to touch and move things in real life with my real hands. However, the ease of this app and the fact that my favorite supplies are there digitally, make this app doable for someone like me. I like that I can have a cork board in real life and I like that I can create one, with a purpose, digitally. I was really sold when I saw what Katherine Hale shared on her blog. This must be tried with students!

I can see this application being used in my school next year with 3rd-5th grades for literacy instruction in classrooms and even as a part of the library. I love the idea of tracking thinking during a read aloud and displaying on a Smartboard using AirPlay to display. This way you can model the use of the app for students as well as sharing your thinking while you do this and allowing students to contribute. The fact that this is stored digitally is so cool so you don’t have to dig around for that class or that book’s cork board! This could also be a good tool to use when researching. Students can have their resources’ information color-coded to keep track of what source they found the information in. They could create a checklist of the steps they need to take from forming his/her question to finding sources to evaluating sources to collecting and synthesizing information to creating their end point/product and citing sources. I think this tool could be very powerful for classroom teachers and could be one that I share with teachers and with students in the library.

I also think this would work well with reading groups or book groups in or out of the library. These cork boards  can be sent via email, exported, saved as a photo or printed out. I think there is also the capability to share them with others so that you could possibly have the ability to work on them collaboratively. I would hope that this would work like a Google Doc where you could work with a group on different devices. This is something to look further into.

I also love the ability to take a picture of a student’s work and have it displayed on the cork board. You could have drawings and have notes of a story that could be written to go along with it. This could be used for writing as well! How about math? Could you have a student show work in a drawing app, upload it to the cork board and have a ‘list’ of steps going through to show it? How about a video? What if the board was about equivalent fractions and the board had visuals and text to show how to do each one? The possibilities are really endless!



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